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Books by Carol & Tim Flinders


"Nobody navigates the intersection of the spiritual and political like Carol Lee Flinders." 

– Sue Monk Kidd












































Books by Carol Lee Flinders


"Carol Lee Flinders writes so exquisitely that you want to go with her into every nook and cranny she explores."

 - Vicki Robin, Your Money or Your Life


Enduring Grace

Enduring Grace

Striking depictions of seven remarkable women - from Julian of Norwich to Therese of Lisieux - that bring to life a chorus of wisdom that speaks with remarkable relevance to our contemporary spiritual quests. More>>





Enduring Lives

The sister volume to Enduring Grace, Enduring Lives offers riveting portraits of contemporary women who are the spiritual grand daughters of the women mystics. More>>




At the RootAt The Root of This Longing

What does spirituality look like when it coexists with feminism’s sharp critical faculties? And what does feminism do when it is steeped in spiritual perspectives? More >>





Values of Belonging

Rebalancing the World

The “gender wars” of the past thirty years have not really been about gender after all, but values: two sets of values, radically different from one another. More>>





Books by Tim Flinders


Sacred SurroundSacred Surround (Kindle Edition)

This is the first book to offer an introductory overview of the thought and spirituality of Catholic “ecologian” Thomas Berry, tracing his development as a traditional scholar of Asian religions during the Sixties, to his emergence as one of the leading voices of the spiritual ecology movement. More>>









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